Hi Gavin. Here are some things to ponder in your free tim.
Brandon Michael Lowden

A) Yes, I think it is, but I’m also not really sure if I have a good way to resolve that paradox. As I said in a conversation the other night, I have seen with my own eyes white men take a point more seriously because I said it than they did when a woman or a person of color said the same thing. That’s obviously bad, but as long as it is the case in the real world, shouldn’t I take advantage of that by boosting those arguments? All I can do is be honest, listen, try to be supportive and reasonable, and respond to any “want a cookie” snark with “no, I seriously don’t and I’m trying to be pretty clear about that.”

B) Certainly I’m not qualified to comment on what Christ would want us to do, but I think that you’re right that we should offer forgiveness even when it is not merited. But man that does get real awkward in the real world, doesn’t it? Like I can forgive someone for harming me personally, but sometimes it feels like offering forgiveness on behalf of other people…and that I’m less sure about. Like the evangelical leaders who are still pro-Trump saying he should be forgiven…that’s not really their call to make, right? They’re not the ones Trump has harmed. I guess this is a way of saying that it kinda sucks to be committed to forgiveness if your enemies aren’t. Hey look Jesus said a thing about that too! Let’s see what it is…oh, it’s “turn the other cheek.” Authentic Christianity is really REALLY hard, isn’t it…

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