The True Pilates Sydney Community

True Pilates Sydney team demonstration

Last week we hosted our studio’s Christmas Party for 2017 — the sense of community was well and truly alive as we came in celebration to toast the end of the year and more importantly to our Pilates community of clients and peers.

So often we get caught up in the day to day running of the studio — albeit as an instructor focused on teaching or as a client taking a session. We can easily forget as individuals ‘we’ are part of a community. It was lovely to see clients connecting over their dedication to Pilates, and for us as instructors — it was a great way to share more of ourselves without loosing focus and being a distraction during class time.

Instructors Sanja Ilic and Yung ok Yoo on the reformer — Elephant Arabesque
Instructor Yung ok Yoo demonstrating on the Large barrel — Scorpion

Our instructors had fun choreographing a team demonstration as well as individual routines on different Pilates Apparatus. While the whole premise of the demonstration was to be fun, entertaining and aspirational — it was more to display the scope of the Pilates Method. However in preparing for the night, we found ourselves overwhelmed with team spirit and re-inspired by the Pilates method within our own bodies and practice.

Instructor Pablo Comino on the Wunda Chair — Twist
Instructor Luke Cook demonstrating on the Cadillac — Candle stick

On top of the celebrations and demonstrations on the night, ‘we’ as the True Pilates Sydney Community also raised money for Charity to help the homeless by raffling off prizes donated by the studio and local businesses. We are so proud to be part of a community with a social conscience and regard in helping those who are less fortunate.

With the night being such a success, it has renewed our sense and resolve to work towards building a stronger community of clients, peers and instructors and to also celebrate it — so we don’t take for granted ‘we’ as individuals are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Yung Ok Yoo is the studio owner of True Pilates Sydney Studio and Principal Instructor teaching Traditional Romana’s Pilates. More information about True Pilates can be found here