Introducing Voice Rewards Me for earning using your Amazon Alexa-powered devices

True Reply
Aug 29, 2018 · 2 min read

True Reply is excited to announce Voice Rewards Me,

What is Voice Rewards Me?

Voice Rewards Me is the only platform that allows you to earn by answering surveys and sharing your opinion using any Amazon Alexa-powered device. Although currently only available to U.S. owners of Amazon Alexa-powered devices, we’ll be expanding to new territories in the coming months.

How does Voice Rewards Me work?

Register your account at then install the Voice Rewards Me skill for your Amazon account. Once installed, simply ask “Alexa, launch Voice Rewards” to get started. You’ll be able to select the surveys you want to take based on topics that interest you and how much you want to earn. Check back daily for new surveys.

How do you get paid with Voice Rewards Me?

Getting paid with Voice Rewards Me is easy! Login at and request your choice of cash out. You can cash out to PayPal or your favorite cryptocurrency — Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. You can also choose to cash out to the True Reply Research cryptocurrency, REPLY token, and use those earnings to conduct your own surveys.

True Reply + Voice Rewards Me

If you have participated in the True Reply platform for earning via your Amazon Alexa, you don’t need to register for a Voice Rewards Me account; your account is already active and works just like you remember it. You will want to install the new Voice Rewards Me skill, however. The True Reply skill for participating in surveys will be disabled in the coming weeks so be sure to get Voice Rewards Me up and running!

If you are a brand, company, or organization and are interested in reaching the Voice Rewards Me community with your own incentivized surveys, head over to True Reply to get started or email us at

True Reply

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The automated, voice data platform for collecting and analyzing voice-based data at any scale across telephone, media, or your Amazon Alexa-powered devices.

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