Third-party system participation anchoring is live!

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Dec 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Today we’re excited to share the introduction of an exciting new feature to True Reply (early holiday gift!).

The ability for True Reply to work with today’s standardized platforms and systems is extremely important to us as we continue to work on the ability of True Reply to deliver on the promise of voice data collection at any scale.

True Reply campaign engagement can now be initiated by third-party systems, web forms, websites, and mobile apps through the use of our new User DTMF Anchoring system.

Create a new campaign with account linking enabled and, via a custom website link, you can initiate calls using your unique participant IDs to create a one-to-one association between the True Reply participation and your unique data system.

Use this new feature to:

- Initiate calls from your online form to enhance any study with rich audio based responses while preserving your participant data association.

- Trigger a survey via your mobile app and seamlessly link back the responses to your custom system.

- Initiate a customer feedback flow collecting live audio responses as part of an online receipt, email receipt, or checkout page with a direct association to their purchase.

Setup within True Reply, like everything else, is pretty straightforward. Let's touch on how easy this is…

When creating a new campaign, select “Enable User Anchoring” under the new “Linking Tab”

Next. We provide simple details on how you should set up the web-link on your system/website/web-form/mobile app directly within your campaign Survey tab.

Once properly set up, participant data will be tagged with the unique ID that associates that participation with your system directly, one-to-one.

You can use the open-searching filter to search for your unique IDs as well making it even easier to zero in on a specific participants engagement data (recorded audio, transcription, etc.)

Note, once enabled, your campaign will ONLY be accessible via web-link activation; participants will not be able to dial directly into the campaign to participate.

We can’t wait to see how you leverage this new and exciting feature and can’t wait to get your feedback!

True Reply

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The automated, voice data platform for collecting and analyzing voice-based data at any scale across telephone, media, or your Amazon Alexa-powered devices.

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