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May 6 · 3 min read

Etopia Media Consulting and Etopia News are bringing the issues to the people via Amazon Alexa and the Etopia Poll, powered by True Reply.

We’re about to go into one of the most exciting U.S. presidential campaign seasons in the history of the United States and technology will play a pivotal role. As history has shown, how candidates will leverage emerging technologies like voice assistants and voice-based polling will make all the difference.

“the Etopia Poll has the potential for evolving into a modernized, voice-first instantiation of the same electoral and political reforms that I’ve been pursuing since the mid-1990s…” — Marc Strassman

Voice technology is particularly interesting as it allows for a truly accessible medium of engagement across socio-economic barriers, demographics, and cultural lines. True Reply makes today’s most advanced voice technology easily accessible for polling and gathering authentic constituent insight via telephone or via Amazon Alexa.

With the growth of the smart speaker market and supporting infrastructure, candidates have an opportunity to leverage an audience of over 40 million homes in a new and exciting way to poll and engage with constituents.

“It’s hard to capture enthusiasm (or lack thereof). We know polls do a poor job with emotion/ enthusiasm/ commitment.”

Marc Strassman, founder of Etopia Media Consulting and Etopia News, wrote the book Etopian Elections: Internet Voting, Smart Initiatives, and the Future of (Electronic) Democracy. Marc believes in the role voice-first interfaces will play in the future of Democracy both as a polling medium and an engagement platform.

Marc believes the Etopia Poll on Amazon Alexa, powered by True Reply, has the potential for evolving into a modernized, voice-first instantiation of the same electoral and political reforms that Marc has been pursuing since the mid-1990s under the rubrics of “Internet voting” and “Smart Initiatives.” Marc sees the Etopia Poll as a natural way to give people a way to govern themselves that takes full advantage of everything modern technologies have to offer.

When discussing what he sees as the potential of the Etopia Poll in the context of the coming U.S. Presidential elections, Marc shares “The goal of the Etopia Poll is to let a wide pool of respondents voice their contemporaneous views and sentiments about the issues and personalities floating around in today’s profuse and chaotic cultural, social, economic and political environments.” He goes on to say “The purpose of [the first Etopia Poll] is to collect the public’s opinions about the many candidates seeking this office and the issues, questions, and events that go to make up the election ecosystem.”

AI-powered voice is the future of the Internet, and the Etopia Poll intends to be a useful and responsible part of that future by providing timely information about poll results to stakeholders via Etopia News.

The Etopia Poll represents the first step in going beyond for the 2020 Presidential campaign season. Voice can play a critical role in capturing not just how constituents think but how they feel. True Reply makes it possible for anyone to capture ideas and emotion via telephone and engage feedback via the Amazon Alexa community.

“Voting is an emotional activity…. You want to be there to cast your vote, because voting is more about expression.”

- Eyal Winter, The Guardian

The Etopia Poll is live on Amazon Alexa via Voice Rewards and anyone can participate using their Amazon Alexa-powered devices. Jump on today and start shaping the landscape for the campaign season ahead.

True Reply is your voice data platform for conducting automated voice-first campaigns across healthcare, market research, and more. Contact Us today to explore how you can leverage True Reply

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