Beat the Heat with the Sock Bun Hairstyle

With summer in full swing it is hot everywhere and we are trying our best to keep yourself cool and hydrated. Always keep in mind hydration is very necessary to stay cool and the next important assignment of summer season is to look for hairstyles that keeps you look without compromising the length of the hair. Though many would prefer to book an appointment with their favourite hair expert at few would love to go with hairstyles that protect them chopping off those beautiful tresses.

Well, for such enigmatic ladies, buns are the best style to go and here in this blog you will be educated on how to make a sock bun. So be ready with a nice and clean sock with cut-off toe and roll it in a donut style and be ready for the steps.

  • Pull your hair to a tight ponytail style at the position that suits you.
  • Now take your pony straight out and place its tip on the donut made by sock
  • Spread the hair around the donut and all the extra hair like a bun form.
  • Now fix it with pins and the bun is ready to be donned

Now there you go with your favourite summer style that keeps you cool and stylish.

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