Life A Flow

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I like to take opportunity to express my deep gratitude for all my learnings, insights and growth in my personal life to Oneness University.

Introduction & Context

The article makes an attempt to draw a resemblance between Inner & Outer worlds and how they resonate with similarities.

I believe seeing a commonality between inner and outer worlds can help unlock the life within.

Everything mentioned here is my personal journey and discoveries, learning (not educating), awareness, that greatly influenced my approach/perception towards Life. We all have teachers (could be parents, gurus, friends, influencers) in our life who showed us the path that is unique to our growth. Similarly i attribute my unlearning (which is essentially to unblock flow of life) to my dear master/guru.

Frozen & Flowing Niagara Falls

Unbelievable, but True Facts: 1911 & 2014 are couple of years when Niagara froze. 3,160 tons of water flows over Niagara Falls every second. The waterfalls at 32 feet per second over the falls, hitting the base of the falls with 280 tons of force at the American and Bridal Veil Falls and 2,509 tons of force at the Horseshoe Falls. Everything Froze

Pictures of frozen giant/magnificent Niagara Falls is not only breath-taking, but, also shocking even to fathom. Something may or may not happen in our lifetime (2014 was one such year).

Frozen Niagara Falls in 1911

Frozen Niagara Falls — 2014

One can call it as an irony or an interesting fact to see Flow of Life (flow of water) still exists beneath the frozen falls.

Ask yourself a question, assuming Tourism department creates safe & attractive package for tourists to come and experience Frozen Niagara falls, would you go ?

Maybe once or twice ..

On the other hand, you would rather visit the Falls to enjoy the flow of water (Life) that shows it’s magnanimity, displays its power, kindles one’s appreciation towards the beauty of nature & flow of Life.

On Contrary, How many times you would go to watch Frozen Niagara Falls, if, it were to have Frozen forever, I would say, rarely..

Reason is simple, anything that is Frozen has no life…

Life is a Flow, there is something beautiful when Life flows.. Life is purely meant to flow, that is the simplest definition of Life..

In simple terms No Flow = No Life = Lack of Connectedness. As my master says ‘Life is Relationship’.

Acceptance of a change lacks resistance, when there is no resistance, Life flows. When Life flows, every moment appears to be new, kind of living in the moment.

My Teacher says, Life is to Live. The day one questions what is the purpose of Life, it indicates one is merely existing not living.

Existence to Living…

Life still exists beneath the frozen fall. Similarly childlike nature inside each one of us is anxiously/desperately seeking to liberate/express itself. Why are we unable to experience sunrise, sunset, budding of flower everyday with an awe.

what is stopping us to enjoy Flow of Life….

People are frozen inside

In simple terms ‘our own perceptions, beliefs, concepts, images, analysis, conclusions, resistance have kept us far away from experiencing Flow of Life. We have moved away from ourselves and are no more connected to our inner core, just because we are FROZEN inside…

We have Frozen Images about oneself and Frozen images carefully framed inside of spouse, partner, children, boss, siblings, friends, colleagues, based on perceptions, conditioning, beliefs, likes, dislikes, good, bad etc.,. We only talk to the frozen images even when person is in front of us.

Looking at Frozen water (Ice cubes) indicates that none of these Ice Cubes have a way to communicate with each other.. They are frozen and created a solid boundary around. But, interestingly they are made up same water that had Life before and were flowing

Ice Cubes

Similarly, Frozen images of people within us cannot talk to each other. We have compartmentalized people and constantly work so hard to put all our efforts to maintain right temperature inside so that frozen images do not unfreeze. Maintaining that way gives us security, identity and ironically illusioned Freedom.

if a freezer needs to maintain Ice Cubes without melting, energy & power is used …

What a strange irony in our life, we make every effort to keep the frozen images intact and manage our relationships with a strong sense of feeling that we have an awesome relationships.

What needs to happen to have a flow in life?

We hold every relationship independently. we truly do not want each of those frozen images to melt and become one, as we are in constant fear of losing something if everything becomes one.

Contemplation will reveal our inner truth or at least take us a step towards a greater awareness.

What needs to happen for Ice Cubes to melt, they need to be exposed to a higher source/energy for them to melt. Once they melt, they start to Flow. When they are completely melted, identifying what part of the water came from which ice cube is just impossible.

Melting Ice Cubes

Similarly to have LIFE flow in humans, a higher source/energy is needed to unfreeze all the images created inside, remove all the compartmentalization. THEN see what happens to an individual. An individual ceases to exist, Only that exists is Flow of Life Which is Oneness with all “that is”.

One can call higher source/energy with any name, just become Aware an external source is required to unfreeze/melt images, like how Sun or heat are required to melt ice. Freezer that created Ice cannot melt it. It needs a different energy to melt it.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” — Albert Einstein

Images created not only suffocate individuals but, also others. True Freedom exists in let go.

The day Life starts to Flow inside, all the boundaries created between people, society, nations just miraculously vanish and there is just pure flow that only knows connectedness. All of the chaos happening in the external world is merely the manifestation of who we are inside. Otherwise, Everyone is a citizen of the universe.

I leave you with a profound teaching from my master ‘External World is a reflection of Inner World’ ..

Originally published at on August 16, 2016.