Found: Michael Brandenburg of Dayton Ohio

Micheal Brandenburg
Micheal Brandenburg

UPDATE: Sad news to follow. After a community search effort had been scheduled by family and friends Michael Waynee Brandenburg has been found deceased.

FaceBook Post By Mother, Sherry Brandenburg

The following post will remain as historical reference unless asked to be removed.

Original Post:

The images above are of Micheal Brandenburg, a 38 year old male, from Dayton Ohio. His family has not heard from him since around March 28th, 2017, although there is a possible sighting near the end of April. A rumor is floating around Dayton residents that Micheal overdosed in an abandoned home and was left there by friends. Family has not heard from him since.

Michael Brandenburg last seen 12:30 p.m. on Gummer Street Dayton Ohio 45403

The image above pinpoints an area near Michael’s last known location, according to Joseph Brandenburg, Michael’s brother.

Gummer Street Dayton Ohio 45403.

Gummer Ave From Ariel

If you own abandoned property in Dayton, or around the area, please check your property. Your efforts would be greatly appreciated.

The following image is Michael’s last known location according to his mother, although the source is unconfirmed by us. The area is near Dayton Ohio 45403 area. E.

Dayton Ohio 45403 area. E
Dayton Ohio 45403 area. E

The following image shows his last FaceBook post.

Dated March 27th.

As we see, his last comment of the post was March 27th, at 8:06PM. He was sealing a possible deal on his next tattoo gig.

His final comment since going missing is posted below:

Last comment March 28th, 10am, 2017

Since then, he has been missing from March 28th, of 2017. Joseph Brandenburg has been very worried, as has his entire family, we’re sure.

[contact information removed]

Anonymous True Sleuth’s Contact

If you know something, and don’t want to be labelled, or refuse to talk to police, you can contact our official tip line at

You can say if you spoke to him, and he told you where he was going, or simply give us the address of his whereabouts if anything has happened to him. We would also like to know the last group of people he associated with. Make a fake email and no one will know who you are. That’s We just want to recover Michael at all costs, and ease his families worries.

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