When truth hurts


What do you do when truth hurts?

If you are in-the-know, there’s the chance you’d have more enemies than friends; More haters than lovers. The lovers will do one thing — they will bear with the truth. The haters will do either of three things — they will freeze! flee! or fight in vain! Thank the unknown for the good and the bad it presents. The bad can convert to good.

Real lovers cannot become haters — it may hurt; They’d accept ‘its the truth’.

Those that freeze and fight in vain can become lovers. ‘How?’ is the question. Those who flee can’t bear with the truth; They have either removed you or blocked you from their network.

Some haters may become lovers when they realize ‘its the truth’.

The truth will always hurt no matter how many times its been told or heard. Its only with wisdom — resilience and evidence or conviction — you can convert haters to lovers. Some haters will remain haters. They learned (aka ‘inherit’) to hate. Hate they must.

The haters keep you going in your journey than the lovers because they remind you ‘you can’t’ when you know ‘you can’. Haters will suffer from confusion, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety, anger, fear and depressive episodes.

Anyone can be a hater for no good reason. Envy and hatred are not unconscious bias.

Don’t flee if you hate the truth. With ‘dialogue’, truth will unfreeze and disarm you.

Stand against policy of discrimination, envy and hatred. The best of mankind are those who shone light on ignorance, and they do so in patience. Patience is a virtue, don’t give up on anyone unless they give up on themselves.

May goodness not let lovers become haters.

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