You don’t need a Life Coach if …

Life-coaching: What effective Life Coach do

If you don’t need a Life Coach, probably you’re somehow well-informed and smart. If not, stop wasting your lifetime (life+time). An amazing Life Coach won’t let you waste his/her precious time. The wise don’t need advice; a fool won’t heed advice.

Life-coaching prevents problems from brewing or fermenting: We usually don’t appreciate the preventative benefit of anything because they can’t be measured (because the problems didn’t happen). What many fail to realize and appreciate is that problems that didn’t happen convert to peace of mind and quality life which those who aren’t life-coaching miss.

Life-coaching arms you with questions that kill problems: Problems we don’t deserve will sometimes attempt to arise. All it’d take the life-coached you is one or two question to send them packing. Arguments and dramas dissolved.

If the problems, troubles and headaches — present and future — prevented and killed by life-coaching isn’t paradise, there’s no paradise.


Let’s make it simple and turn the question around. Who don’t need a Life Coach?

1. You don’t need a Life Coach if you don’t know what you can gain:

That’s very obvious — the reason why most people won’t have a Life Coach.

2. You don’t need a Life Coach if you don’t want to learn something new from what you know:

That’s not very obvious. You will discover that many things you know aren’t true. This also apply to a Coach who has no Coach.

3. You don’t need a Life Coach if you don’t want to get the hell out of your comfort zone:

A TRUE life coach will stretch you and your thinking. You will learn/discover things. If its the case that you aren’t learning phenomenally from a Coach, look for another Coach.

4. You don’t need a Life Coach if you ONLY believe in God … aka Jesus, Allah, Karma, Jah, Budha:

A Life Coach understands God. God is science and arts; Known and unknown. God is everything!


The proof is in the pudding: If you aren’t getting result — QUALITY LIFE — why wouldn’t you realize that’s not a Life Coach (yet), and look for a Life Coach? Anyone is free to call themselves Life Coach.

Life Coach don’t have limited skill-set:

Only a few who understand things to a large extent are Life Coach. They have studied what matter. If they don’t know something, they will not only say they don’t know, they will go and figure it out. They know how to know.

Stretch your Life Coach — that’s what you’re paying for:

You’re on expedition/ journey, and its about you. I bet you have a journal. Stretch him/her to stretch you. That’s how you can get the best out of him/her. Write those difficult questions down (as they cross your mind) before sessions (during and after sessions). A good Life Coach will in turn stretch your thinking without spoon-feeding you. They might give a clue or two. They might direct you to credible sources to learn from (and confirm more). One discovery may bring on more questions than answers. Intriguing puzzles.

Its beyond books, movies and motivational/inspirational talks:

You’ve read books, watched movies (stories), and attended Tony Robbins gigs. Do you understand all the context? They’re hard to apply when situations present themselves. It takes experience and learning. Most people need Life Coach in their life journey. Not many will give it a shot. And, only a very few will learn from the best. Most Coaches need experienced Life Coach for their own life. You can’t help others when your own situations aren’t going well. No one practices with an amateur and become one of the best. Ask athletes and sport-persons.

You won’t discover many credible sources on your own:

What you’re able to figure out or discover is your asset, not what you’re told. That’s how they (and you) will assess your progress (as a thinker). An evolved individual who is equipped and ready to face whatever life will throw.

If you don’t know that a Life Coach is a thinker, now you know:

They’re to ‘channel’ you to become a (better) thinker. Please drop the ‘perspectives cliche’; it doesn’t mean a thing if you seek the truth. Be a truth-seekers. When it comes to life challenges (making decisions — what to do and what to avoid), you need a Coach who is a thinker with proven strategies, evidenced in his/her own life. Anything sustained didn’t happen by chance.


What a Life Coach can do depend on their skill-set. There’s trainee Life Coach and there’s effective Life Coach.

The trainee Life Coach:

If anyone say they don’t resolve clients goddamn problem, it’s not that they’re not interested; They don’t have the skills or experience. Consider yourself lucky if they’re able to suggest someone who can. Most will remain trainee Coach for life (with or without a Coach)

The effective Life Coach:

Length of years of practice may not result in effectiveness. A Life Coach with skills and experience in root-cause and life-skills will work with you to discover the cause(s), and the road-block(s). Life is not a joke. There are things you won’t discover on your own. If by chance you can, it may take a lifetime. That’s why many regret in their old age (on their death-bed) — too little too late when they discover truth. An effective Life Coach will guide you to resolve.

If there’s URGENT issue that needs sorted asap, effective one will attend with you; pick a pen (keyboard) and write; pick up a phone and dial. Perfect if knowledge of law and mediation is present in their skill-set. They will protect you and your interest. If you’re not getting much from your ‘life-coaching’, please look for an effective Life Coach. It’s perfectly OK to switch from one coach to another. Its your life.

And effective Life Coach will encourage you to court challenges i.e. take certain risks akin to ‘look for good trouble’ because your purpose is rooted in challenges, problems, and troubles. They will task you with required knowledge and skills. That’s experiential learning and working on your skills, interest, passion, purpose under supervision.

Will try their best to make sure you do what you need to do. They won’t give up on you easily. The have proven tactics of holding anyone ‘accountable’. No force whatsoever is required. They provide you tools and skills to achieve what seem difficult. They know that change is difficult. Being discipline, responsible and accountable (DRA) can be difficult, and they’re one and same thing if we ponder. They give you the key that makes DRA a habit. Inspirational talks may spur you; they contain no direction nor the skills.

A good coach will let you make mistakes but not costly ones. As you master the life-skills (including thinking-skill), you become a potential Life Coach yourself. When you’ve learned how to learn, knew how to know, and understood how to understand, off you go.


There are a few special groups on LinkedIn. They always have discussions, comments, contribution, agreements and disagreements. Look for the few people who consistently provide convincing answers. They’re hardly in these discussions, and when they’re there, their contributions usually bring the thread to an end. I’m sure they’re on Medium too. They may not call themselves Life Coach. Follow such people and read THEIR POSTS, and THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS (including elsewhere). Approach them. You know what you want from them, don’t you?

They’re unique and so is their contributions in posts. Don’t rely too much on ‘endorsement, testimonies and recommendations’. If people write articles for anyone (paid content-writers are common), no one can make contributions and comments for anyone. Beware of those who publish on LinkedIn but will not come online to answer or address questions and concerns of their readers. Perhaps they come online to sell their EI/EQ books and tests.

To recap:

You don’t need a Life Coach if …

  1. you don’t know what you can gain from a Life Coach
  2. you don’t want to learn something new from what you know
  3. you can’t get out of your comfort zone
  4. you only believe in God


The wise don’t need advice; The fool won’t heed advice. Life-coaching prevents problems from brewing or fermenting. Life coaching is about gaining skills and experiences that are needed to face life challenges … prevent problems and resolve them. They are beyond textbooks and classrooms. It has to be tailored for you by you, and is meant to help your decision making … to have and live a quality life — personal, relationship and social; work, career and business — covering financial health, physical health, mental health (emotion, feeling …). Decision making requires good thinking.

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