Replacing The User Story With The Job Story
Alan Klement

I really like the approach of ‘Job Stories’. I think they’re a close to what I would have called ‘Use Cases’ in the past. From my first impression after reading your article however I wouldn’t say that they need to replace User Stories.

What I will take from your article for sure is to break up the classic user story format even more when still working out the Hows and Whys of requirements. But I think somewhere on the way of translating requirements into automated tests (assuming something close to ‘behavior driven development’) they would again be transformed into something quite similar to user stories.

User Stories provide a great deal of possibilities of going into some detail, shining light on edge cases and side effects. But these are things you don’t want or need to worry about too much early in product management.

At that point your ‘Job Stories’ seem to give a much better feel to the what and why we are talking about. So thanks for the input.

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