Why “Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel” Is The Worst Advice Of All Time
Human Parts

In the end this is all just a matter of setting priorities.

I myself got often enough annoyed of people who are pretending to live a careless life and making others feel like they are just mentally blocked, or afraid, or chained by society… when it later turns out they inherited huge amounts of money, or always have a family to get back to.

But it is not true that you can only travel when you’re coming from a wealthy background and have a safety net. You can certainly take some risks, delay your studies (when you’re young) or even drop your job and take a time off.

For many people the benefit of getting a clearer picture of themselves, of experiencing the world from a whole different angle can well be worth the financial impact or risks.

For other people that might not be the case. Just be honest to yourselves. If you allow yourself a moment of considering taking a risk nothing bad will happen. At least if you decide to stay in your job, go on with your life as it is, it’s your conscious decision, and you won’t need to get angry on anyone else bloating about their freedoms.

It is not true that being poor equals no chance to travel (especially not when you’re young). But if your life situation just doesn’t make it a very attractive option, don’t make your own life heard, let the ‘inspirational advice’ be inspirational advice and go on with your life. Someone else might actually really benefit from breaking out and changing perspectives.

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