How to Unlock At&t iPhone?

When you buy an iPhone, it is locked by the company that you bought it from. It is so that you can use it exclusively on their network. However, this can be issue when you are travelling abroad and trying to avoid the expensive roaming fees. Depending on your specific iPhone model, unlock my phone can usually be completed through mobile phone unlocking service provider like True Unlocking. Even you can unlock your iPhone on your own with the help of few simple steps.,

Note down the two easy ways for unlocking your iPhone…

Method 1 — Unlock My At&t Phone with an Unlock Code

1. Contact Service Provider: You have to contact the service provider of your iPhone for unlocking your device. If you have been a customer of them from some time, you can mobile phone unlocking services for free.

2. Turn On iPhone with No SIM Card Inside: Now you need to turn on your iPhone with no SIM card inside. For this, you can go through the company’s manual that you received at the time when you bought the gadget.

3. Press Required Key: The next step to unlock At&t iPhone is to press the key in the prescribed code. To know the code, you can take the help from your service provider.

4. Unlock Your iPhone: If you have correctly unlock your iPhone, then SIM restriction off will appear on the screen of your mobile phone.

Method 2 — Unlock At&t iPhone with Software:

1. Download Software: In case, you could not get the unlock code from your service provider, you can simply download the software for free over the web. Unlock my At&t phone and how to unlock At&t iPhone are few recommended options.

2. Enter Information on Website: After choosing any software for unlocking the iPhone, you need to enter the information on website. Once you have retrieved your personal unlock code, you go to the option of unlock my phone.

3. Insert New SIM Card in iPhone: Once you are done with the all steps mentioned above for unlocking your iPhone, you have to insert the new SIM card on your device. If you have unlocked your phone correctly, the option of SIM restriction off will appear on your screen.

I hope now you will be able to unlock your iPhone. So, follow these instructions and enjoy using your device in a hassle-free manner. Remember unlocking iPhone is not a difficult task as you certainly need some kind of help from mobile phone unlocking service provider.