7 signs you are a vaping enthusiast

We love to be called vapers. But the term vaping enthusiast sounds cooler. It reflects the love and passion for vaping in a vivid manner.

Through this article, we present some signs that show you are a vaping enthusiast.

1. You often check Youtube videos to learn vaping tricks

The chances are that you have already learned some of them. Maybe you are planning to upload your video soon.

2. Whenever you visit a vaping event, you feel as if you belong there

Whether it is an exhibition or a trade show, you hate to miss any event related to vaping. Due to your love for vaping, you mingle very easily with other individuals at the event.

3. People often confuse your e-juice smell for a cologne/perfume

If this has happened to you, it means you have leveled up in terms of vaping. Well, it is a good thing on your part, as you don’t have to rely on those costly perfumes.

4. Newbies contact you to get advice on which flavors to try

Even your friends start contacting you to get suggestions on which flavors they must try. Apart from this, you love sharing your knowledge related to mods or accessories like e-cig rechargeable batteries.

5. You know how to get discounts

If you are a vaper, you must be aware of popular electronic cigarette shops in the USA. You must also be aware of the best electronic cigarette brands from the USA. But what makes you a vaping enthusiast is the knowledge of where to get attractive discounts on e-liquids and e-cig accessories.

6. You have more e-liquids than food

Your aim to try every e-liquid in the world has increased the number of e-juice bottles at home. In fact, you have more e-liquid bottles than food in your refrigerator.

7. You know functioning of e-cigs and accessories

If you are an enthusiast, you must be aware of how each part of e-cig functions. You have also learned the concepts like Ohm’s Law. In fact, you are so much into these concepts that sometimes you feel that you can teach Physics.

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