Types of vapers you might have come across

Vaping is not just another hobby. It is now becoming a part of life, at least for those who know it is safer and better than smoking. Just like different vaping equipment, there is also a variety among the individuals who vape.

Here we discuss the common type of vapers in the world:

Social vaper

A social vaper is someone who indulges in vaping to meet new people at events or vaping parties. He or she loves to share vape stories, learn about new products, and offer advice on what’s popular in the market.

Cloud Chaser

Those who aim for the largest vapor production and those who are fascinated by vape clouds come under this category. They spend hours to achieve perfect related to vapor production. You can find this breed in cloud chasing competitions. They always look for new hardware that can help in producing denser clouds.


A lot of vapers focus on learning and inventing new vape tricks rather than focusing on flavors. These vape tricks are harder to learn than you might think. A lot of tricksters have achieved a status of celebrity in the world of vaping due to their awe-inspiring tricks.


As the name suggests, a perfectionist will always search for better equipment and better e-liquids to constantly improve the experience. You can contact him to know about latest e-liquids in the market. He or she might even know about best electronic cigarette wire for your device.

Flavor connoisseur

He/she will tell you precisely about the composition of e-liquid, along with VG and PG percentage of an e-juice. These vapers often drop a bit of flavor on their hand to check the taste. An e-liquid exhibition is like a festival for them, as it allows them to try the latest vape juices in the market. They are aware of renowned e-liquid flavor wholesalers from the USA.


These vapers are also known as hobbyists. They have a huge collection of vape gear. Not just hardware or e-liquids, the hobbyists buy everything related to the world of vaping, which includes collectibles, posters, magazines, etc.

The regular vapers

These vapers vape either to get rid of smoking or just to enjoy the experience it offers. They spend carefully by selecting the stores that offer the products at reasonable rates.

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