Jessie Groveman understands the art of living well. With a Masters in Art Therapy from NYU and time spent in the bucolic Berkshires studying yoga, Jessie learned to integrate her passions — healthy living, wellness, art, and food — into a balanced approach to life — and it shows. When we caught up with her, the newly-transplanted Angeleno radiated with positivity and peace, which makes her new site, How You Glow, even more aptly named. Here, Jessie shows us the secret to starting your day right. (Hint: It’s green).

What is your relationship to yoga?
I feel very grateful to have found a practice that enriches my life and has the ability to totally change my perspective. If I’m feeling tired, angry, ungrateful or just negative, doing as little as 10 minutes of yoga/breathing is guaranteed to shift my mood and uplift my spirit. Yoga makes me feel comfortable in my body and creates a sense of wellbeing that is contagious. Energy is palpable and when I create yogic energy in my body, I know it makes a hugely positive impact on my interactions and relationships. When someone is down and out, its easy to turn to an external source (food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, or taking it out on someone else) but the true solution is inside. To create space within your body with breath and movement is empowering and life changing. As the body opens, the mind does too. Sharing the practice of yoga — a tool for positive change — with people is such a privilege. I get to relax and empower people all day long. The essential oils in aromatherapy help to get people attuned to their senses. Being in touch with our senses is the key to pleasure, as well as to staying in the moment and living a mindful, calm life. I share what makes me happy, and hope that other people can benefit from what has worked for me in my own life. I also continue to learn every day from other teachers, and make it my purpose to take what clicks for me and pass the message along!

How does art therapy fit into your healing style?
The art making and journaling that I incorporate with the yoga allows my clients to dive further into their senses and into the unconscious, creative part of themselves. After yoga, the mind and body are open and the defenses are usually down, especially in the safe space that is created for the session. Allowing oneself to take advantage of this open state to play and experiment with the art materials can shed a new light on one’s perception. The act of making art is in itself can be incredibly healing and meditative. It is amazing to see the metaphors, both conscious and unconscious, that art making can produce. Similar to dreams, the unconscious has an intelligent and effortless way of figuring things out., we just need to create the space for these processes to happen. When attention and guidance is devoted to interpreting these metaphors, people can have major revelations that transform their thinking and begins to heal trauma.

What is your view on healthy eating?
I truly feel a healthy lifestyle it is all about balance; not depriving yourself, but not overindulging either — and if you do overindulge, don’t beat yourself up, just eat lighter and be active the next day. Savoring your food, and truly appreciating hat you’re eating, while you’re eating is also incredibly important. I view every meal as a sacred experience and I treat it as such. I like to be present while I eat and appreciate the aromas, textures and tastes of what I’m eating. Your three meals a day are a chance to absorb pleasure and energy — it would be such a shame to waste them! Eating healthy is a choice to treat your body with respect. If you are good to your body, it will be good to you. In order to function properly, we need vitamins and nutrients that are in fruits and vegetables. We are so lucky that these foods are so delicious — there is no reason to eat candy when fruit (especially dried fruit) exists in my opinion! Even if you are eating candy, at least savor it and enjoy every bite! If the body is relaxed and happy while you eat, you’ll digest your food better.

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