Sisilia Piring’s serendipitous foray into photography is visual evidence — pun intended — that taking passion and mixing it with a natural gift can make magic. With such an approachable sensibility in person, however, you’d never guess how much talent she possesses behind the lens until you lay your eyes on her photos. Each brims with an authenticity and incandescence that organically captures the moment and invites the viewer in. But don’t take our word for it. Read on to see for yourself.

TRUFFL: You found photography in 8th grade, but didn’t pursue it until 2010. What was your impetus for making the jump?

SISILIA: In 2010, my husband I moved to Chicago, a city completely new to us without family & friends in sight. We were also expecting out first baby. A lot was happening all at once. I’ve always loved photography but always saw it as a hobby. As a way to provide for my family I decided to take photography full on. Since making that decision my life changed and I started booking jobs soon after. A girl from Ford Models in Chicago came across my work and contacted me and that’s how I began shooting fashion.

TRUFFL: What have been the challenges and rewards in pursuing a passion full-time on your own?

SISILIA: One of my challenges is dealing with the customer service part of my job. As a photographer, you are your business. You take care of the business side and the creative side. I wish I could just focus on the creative part, but it doesn’t work like that. There’s emails to write, phone meetings, contracts to read and write, etc. Thank goodness I have an amazing husband who is gracious enough to help me with the customer service from time to time. The rewards are the people I meet on the job. I love people. I love hearing people’s life stories and I’ve met some pretty rad people doing what I’m doing. Oh, and of course the travel. A big perk of photography. Being on the road, traveling, adventures. It’s great.

TRUFFL: What are your favorite things to photograph?

SISILIA: I love documenting my travels through photography. I love photographing people in their natural state and I love photographing food and interiors.

TRUFFL: How did you find your photographic vision and style?

SISILIA: I think just by shooting everyday. It didn’t matter what I was shooting in the beginning, I just loved capturing the everyday, the mundane. Somehow by doing that I found my own style. I learned what I was drawn to and what I wasn’t drawn to.

TRUFFL: If you weren’t a photographer you’d be a ___?

SISILIA: Hmm, tough one. I’d probably be a chef.

TRUFFL: Where has photography taken you and what was the best experience you’ve had on the road?

SISILIA: Photography has taken me to lots of neat places I wouldn’t otherwise explore. For instance Salvation Mountain and meeting a lady who lived at the slabs, a place completely off the grid. She lived in a trailer and sold her paintings off for food and such. I talked to her a bit. Asked her why she chose to live off the grid in her trailer. Got to spend time talking with her. Got to experience something I probably would never have if it wasn’t for photography. See a different part of our country. Meeting with people I wouldn’t otherwise have met and hear interesting life stories.

TRUFFL: Where did you grow up?

SISILIA: I was born in Indonesia, but grew up in Los Angeles.

TRUFFL: What do you do in your other life?

SISILIA: I’m a wife, new mom of two, a nerd.

TRUFFL: What inspires you?

SISILIA: Travel, people, a delicious meal, reading scriptures, Sigur Ros.

TRUFFL: Name your 5 essential items.

SISILIA: My camera, notebook, pen, iPhone, a yummy/healthy snack.

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