The rag-tag crew of Westin Mitchell Design Group creates pieces of furniture that tell stories. Scouring salvage yards across the nation to find unique pieces with a sense of history, founders Westin Mitchell and Preston Johnson craft furniture unlike any other young designers in the state. And they do it in their Arts District studio with a custom built bar and beer on tap. TRUFFL profiles the artisans, their philosophy, and their work.


PRESTON: Hey what’s up, I’m Preston!

WESTIN: …and I’m Westin. We’re Westin Mitchell design group, and we’re here in our downtown workshop with TRUFFL. We’re going to build a few pieces of furniture today. We design and build custom furniture for restaurants, retail stores and homes.

PRESTON: The philosophy here revolves around using reclaimed material and inspiration from the Industrial Revolution, we do a lot of building on like heavy metals, we use wood, we use glass, so we mix all these mediums here, and I think that part of the collaboration is, really important to us — to harbor that, and to develop it, and to push the limits of what manufacturing we can do.

WESTIN: Today were gonna be building a reclaimed wood and steel shelving unit, were gonna be doing the steel work on the frame, as well as building all the bends out of reclaimed wood.

PRESTON: And then, Yuri is going to do some glass torch work for you; he’s gonna build a lamp shade to accent the piece.

WESTIN: The first thing were doing today, for the custom console piece is all of the steel work. The first thing we have to do is actually weld the pieces together and build the frames before the actual shelving needs to go in.

One of the things we’ve been passionate about, not just our product, but how it’s actually made and whose it’s been made by. We really want to take in the metal work, the wood work, the glass work and be able to collaborate and build these amazing, beautiful pieces of furniture, which are not just not furniture; it’s art.

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