Using Coffee Grounds to Grow Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms grow on substances associated with waste — sawdust, deciduous wood debris, cardboard, and cow dung. You’d think magic shrooms grow easily but cultivating them is actually difficult. They can’t grow in ordinary garden soil and the smallest contamination can ruin your entire grow.

For shroom farmers, coffee grounds work well for magic mushroom cultivation. This organic material is readily available in many kitchens. Take a deeper look as to why coffee grounds make an ideal substrate for growing magic mushrooms.

First, there’s no need to sterilize the substrate anymore. Usually, pasteurized straw or sterilized sawdust are used to grow shrooms and to free those of contaminants, shroom growers use hot water or steam — a messy method which is difficult to scale.

Coffee grounds are already pasteurized by the hot water used in the brewing process. This saves you time, effort, and automatically puts you several steps ahead.

Because you’re no longer sterilizing, it’s easier to get the ball rolling. Without the need for big and expensive equipment, your first step is basically going to the kitchen. When you make that short 10-foot trip, collect the grounds, mix in the spawn, place them in a transparent jar, and watch the mycelium colonize the whole thing.

Aside from convenience, coffee grounds also provide plenty of carbon, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other trace elements. These are essential nutrients needed by mushrooms to grow. Coffee grounds are also thoroughly hydrated because of the brewing process. Hence, they will provide adequate moisture levels for growing shrooms.

Coffee grounds are more natural to keep indoors compared to other magic mushroom substrates. Seeing a jar of coffee grounds is perfectly normal and won’t seem out of place inside your home.

And finally, even if you’re not a coffee drinker, coffee grounds are easy to obtain. People consume coffee a lot and globally, people use 8.4 million tons of coffee beans per year. Economists predict this number will rise by 25% in the next five years. So if you’re looking for coffee grounds, head to that café in the corner and offer your services to dispose of their trash.

On average, a single café with moderate traffic can end the day with at least 20kg of coffee grounds, and most of this nutritional substrate is thrown out. In the greater scheme of things, using coffee grounds also helps the environment because it reuses the urban generated waste.

Some companies have already started using coffee grounds as substrates in their growing kits. These kits are colonized with mycelium in the factory then sold to individuals so they can grow the mushrooms in the comfort of their own homes.

If you can’t grow magic mushrooms from scratch — or maybe you just want a convenient trip without investing time and effort — magic truffle grow kits may be the answer you’re looking for. No need to sterilize substrates, or wait around for months to harvest. Simply follow the instructions in the grow kit and in a week, you’ll be going on the psychedelic trip of your life.

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