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I think it’s funny how you mention the brutalization of women is unnecessary in 1988 and today yet you contradict yourself in the comments saying “crossing this line in 2016 isn’t excusable anymore.” meaning it was okay back then. Look, this is Batman which means it can get dark. If a woman is gonna pick up a cape and fight with the other guys expect here to get beaten and possibly murdered like any other superhero character that is male. Do not try to protect her by making it taboo or not excusable to hurt women. I bet have her actually die (like Robin) would have sent you through the roof. This is what’s wrong with feminist today, they say equality but expect favoritism. This is why so many people are hating feminism today.

Also I don’t believe the Joker raped Barbara. There was no mention of an exam at the hospital that would have taken place if she was raped only that she was naked. Please don’t pull some stuff out that was never there. But if you think having the Joker doing what he did to Barbara was a trivial joke then you definitely missed the “Killing Joke” which that being it only takes one bad day to send an ordinary sane man (Commissioner Gordon) to complete insanity like the Joker is. For that to happen something extreme like Barbara being stripped naked while being in paralyzing pain from a gunshot wound was required to send the Commissioner over the edge. You think a freaky carnival ride was enough? Please if you’re gonna right an honest review leave the feminist bullshit out. Thank you.

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