Rig it

Time: 2:13 am

Location: Somewhere in the New Mexico Desert.

ETA to destination: 19 hours and 34 minutes

Fuel Gauge: 1/3 a tank

Next gas stop: 120 miles

MPG: 20

I’m not gonna make it, driving even at the lowest RPM possible, I will be 40 miles short. I can one can of gas in the trunk, but that is max 2 gallons, its still not enough.

driving, I see small hut out in the plains. No lights, just small little structures the size of a shed

Who would want to live all the way out here. How would one live all the way out here. No power lines, no sewage, no nothing. It must be a sad existence.


And there it goes, of course that would happen out here. I guess I will just have to pull over here and most certainly be screwed.

as I pull over I see more huts than I had seen so far. I counted about 35–40 out, each about a quarter mile from the road and from each other.

Well I guess its as good a time as any to try to sleep and maybe someone will be by.

As I drag a log out into the road to stop anyone passing while I sleep, I hear a screech

Yep, thats about right. Pretty much stereotypical start to a horror movie. Now let me just walk to the screech and be trapped in some cult ritual out here where my heart is then removed and eaten as a sacrifice to the gods.

I get the log out into the road and head back to the car to hit the hay, when BAM screech numero dos

Hmmmmmmmm I wonder, as the stupid white male that was casted to play the part of an even stupider white male, should I go investigate?


I must for my own well being, investigate

I grab the tool you use to screw the spare tire on the car and start walking towards the screech

I think it came from that hut there as I point off in the distance, narrating for the aliens that are most certainly watching me right now as I walk into their trap

As I walk the hut gets closer and closer, almost if I am moving towards it

And there she blows. Can’t be more than 10’x10’. Let me just go knock on the door.

guess what, no-one answers, surprise huh

Well this story has to progress so let me see if there are any windows I can see in.

Walking around the hut I find a small gap that allows me to see inside

I don’t know what I expected, I can see out here, how am I gonna see in there. Alright well here goes nothing

Smash goes the window

Man I really love what they have done with the place. The shattered glass really gives it a broken home sorry of vibe. Feels like home to me.

There is literally just one room, but its very spacious for one room.

I like the demonic painting on the wall. It gives me a great feeling that i’m not in some sort of cult trap. Oh and perfect there is a trap door, I bet it leads to narnia.

I open the trap door to see how much of a pickle I can get my self into and I hear chanting from below. Then all of the sudden the screech again but from inside the house. It deafening, and I fall to the ground, trying not to fall down the hole.

Yep, i’m gonna die. Well might as well turn around to see the demon and get this over with.

As I turn, all I can make out is the shape of a child


I burst out of the house. Turns out the door was unlocked and I hear tiny little foots steps right behind me.

What am I gonna do. Get to the car and then what. Oh shoot I left my tool at the house. Could I hit the child? What if it was just a regular child? Okay I’m going to stop and see

I stop running and I hear the steps behind me stop. I turn slowly to see a little girl looking at me

Why did you come into our house?

Ummmm…. my car broke down and I needed help

No, why did you come into our house

As soon as I was going to repeat my answer she opened her mouth and screeched.

SHHHHHH… stop doing that.

I look up and the girl has changed. Not in a good way. Her clothes are ripped and she looks about 2 years older and 50 years of smoking dirtier.

Well thats all folks. I’m not gonna play around with that.

I turn to head back to the car but as I do she comes up and grabs my leg. I jump as her hands are as COLD AS ICE, WILLING TO SACRIFICE, oops, I mean they are really cold and almost painful.

Can you like stop that?

Can you help me

With what?

She doesn’t respond, but she doest have to. She points over back to the hut, and there is a swarm of about 1k+ people all holding something that is dripping, and when I look back down she is gone and my leg is caught in a coyote trap and bleeding. It was at that point I realized, I wasn’t going to make it home for dinner