Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

I’m not sure about you, but if you work in an office and your workplace isn’t hosting some sort of holiday get together, I would be upset. Whether you’re having some holiday cheer with the coworkers, meeting up for dinner at someone’s place or out on the town, or even doing something small during your lunch break on a cold day in December, kicking back and enjoying the festivities with those you see 40 hours a week can be refreshing from the constant pace of the grind.

If you happen to be doing a gift exchange at your office, consider replenishing their office and shipping supplies. These make wonderful gifts to coworkers in your office without you having to think of something truly special and tailored to them.


A classic go-to in the office, sharpies work anywhere at anytime. Whether you’re writing a sign to put on your office door, labeling a manilla envelope, or writing on cardboard, sharpies get the job done and last a loooong time.

Rubber bands

Don’t knock the idea. Whether you bundle this with some other cheap shipping supplies or just hand them a ton of rubber bands, this is one highly usable gift that can be put towards any task. When’s the last time you were upset to have rubber bands handy? Right, never.


Tape dispensers can make an office desk look legit if placed right. Obviously there are nicer, weighted tape dispensers out there that look a lot better than one bought at a dollar store, so consider gifting a mid range priced one to your coworker that shows style and utility.

Fountain pen

While the other items on this list aren’t as spendy, you can never go wrong gifting a nice fountain pen, especially if it’s to your boss. Whether you drew their name out of the hat or are just feeling generous, fountain pens are a sign of class and remain as a timeless staple to a refined business person’s desk.


Consider this the step up from the tape dispenser. Heavier duty, classier, and just as (or possibly more) useful, the stapler is a desk essential. You don’t even have to ask around to see who has one and who doesn’t; if one of your coworkers’ desks are bare of a stapler, they couldn’t deny that this was a need for their office if you were to get this for them.