May 11, 2017

Pence brings in this totally weak dope into my oval office and says this is the guy I picked for scotus. When did we talk about scotus?? Pence says a few days ago, showed me a list. I picked this guy, he says. Don’t like him! He’s a dope! Look at his dopey face! I need someone strong and makes good decisions, not a dope! Pence says, “Mr. Pres. he’s standing right here.” He knows he’s a dope! He sees it every morning he wakes up and looks in the mirror and sees his dopey, weak, BAD DECISION MAKING face. “But sir, I have decades of judicial blah blah.” SHUT UP DOPE. Told Pence, I’m the president, I make the decisions. And exec. orders he wrote were WEAK. I read all of them, and they were draconian and mysoginist and BAD. REWRITE THEM! I’m picking my own scotus judge. I’m the president!