Why Do Women Wear Sexy Clothes If They Don’t Want Attention?
Emma Lindsay

Wow. This is the most ‘have your cake and eat it too’ article I have ever seen on this topic.

  1. Yes, women dress provocatively to attract men.
  2. There are great guys out there and there are creepers out there. You don’t get to pick and choose which one talk to you. If you’re putting yourself out there, you are opening yourself up to both types of men. And you know what? What’s the way the world works. No one deserves to be sexually harassed or assaulted, but sadly people like this exist in the world. You can’t avoid them anymore than you can avoid a mass shooting.
  3. So if you believe you have the right to dress sexy and try to attract men, you also have to accept that some of these men are going to be jerks. That’s life Emma.
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