Did you know four times in US History a president was elected against the popular vote?

The title is a fact. You don’t believe it? Well you can do what is so common today and just Google it! Interestingly, all throughout history we see systems set up that seem unbreakable. Even from the classes of citizens to the religious institutes, there is like an unseen force that is in control. Embedded in our constitution is a clause that does not allow common people to make the decision of who will become POTUS. Ironically, there are only certain people that can bring about change to the existing systems whether it is good or bad.

In this quick blog, I will cite facts from sources but I will not disclose them. However, there are some people that will recognize the cited content. History can give us a glimpse of the ideals or philosophies that has resurfaced today. On the other hand, they are the ideas or philosophies that were deeply grafted into our governmental system today. Therefore, it is actually a piecemeal system with influences from religious foundations and antique philosophies. If we look closely we can see Christianity had a great influence on the nation but not to the extent that this was a Christian nation. Never in the history of the U.S. has this been a Christian nation.

However, there are so many aspects involved as to how we got to where we are today, why things are the way they are today, and the flow of systems and institutes. In spite of it all, will we never be able to predict who will be the next game changer to cause a shift in national and global affairs? Seeing that as people we can be so easily swayed, it was great wisdom that included the clause for the Electoral College. Notwithstanding, in the greater scheme of things all governments and authorities (good and bad) serve a purpose just has it always done and always will until one of the forces gets its just desert.

In the weeks to come we will continue work on sharing Truth in this moment of history. We are working on a website called trumpsdefeat.com. People has asked exactly what does that mean? It could mean Trumps defeat as his lose or it can mean Trumps defeat over Clinton. That will be for the ONE who is control to decide. All we can do is study to show ourselves approved and understand where we are at in the greater stratagem.

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