I came to realization that everyone (and everything) has their roots. It can be as specific as your birthplace, your hometown, your university, your first workplace that you consider “home”, or as big as a country’s value system… essentially your roots is where you were born, or taught, and built. You will carry that roots as a part of you.

And after many years running my company, tasting enough defeats, then survived and climbed back again, I realized that in order to succeed, you must build your inner strength and master the inner game, and in order to do that, you must embrace your roots. And I was lucky to have found and embraced mine.

Last week some event happened that shook my roots, and it shook me hard the days after. Taking so much pride in such “roots" can give you strengths but it would also make it harder to accept its flaws. I was always in denial but the series of events had me convinced that the pillars I always worshipped were not always perfect and some has even collapsed. On the bright side it was also a chance to re-evaluate and extract more truth and sanity from the “cool tribe syndrome”. Embracing your roots also means embracing its flaws, so we can be better than that.