How to start a new business in right way

I started my business in 2011. In the first period, this was extremely tough moment that I have never been experienced since before. I thought everything is very simple until I got stuck in my real business. Then, I have been changed 3 business models until 2014. Then, when I was running imported and distributed sport shoes from Thailand, I launched a sport website named, I used live-stream function to build up my sport channel. I did successful. After that, I opened to other segments such as in Golf, business talk-show and auto events. Luckily, I have been successful until now. I recognized that If you want to trade, Let’s start your digital community first. It means you must build up your appropriated digital channel with your products that you want to trade. For example, if you want to sell medicine, let’s open a new fan-page for people who want to discuss about health. How to be successful in digital channel’s build, this is another story. However, you must choose a right type of media.

In Vietnam market at this moment, more than 95% is small and media scale of business. They don’t have media and marketing department. I think we can start to provide what they miss. Furthermore, when I work, I focus on how to bring real benefit to my customers with appropriated price and cooperation’s chance more than money’s talking. I truthfully believe that a good job is qualified better than a price.

Until now, middle of 2017, my company nearly passes penetration period. I am seeking more social-business relationship and support from other organizations. My next target is to open a Live-stream department where to run small talk-show and digital media for my channels such as sport, tourist, lifestyle and business. Moreover, I have enough ability to support for some businesses, take care or build for them, supporting social-digital marketing…

My target is still based on how much I can bring to my partner first, and then they will response to me.