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Artificial intelligence is the hottest and most discussed topic in computer science today and with good reason. Artificial intelligence is the part of computer science that deals with creating systems that show “intelligence.” Artificial intelligence started in the 1950’s and has gradually progressed to the booming field it is today. Its’ impact touches on every field imaginable and will have a huge, positive impact on humanity and the global economy. There is a lot of mystery surrounding artificial intelligence and how it began, so let’s dive into the history.

History of AI

Artificial intelligence started off on a much smaller…

I have decided to start writing a lot more regularly. I haven’t decided if this will be once a week or more frequently, but I think there is a lot of value behind thought dumping, researching topics in depth, and fleshing out ideas.

For this, I wanted to get back into writing and will define more of the value I want to get out of writing as I go along. For my first time back to writing, I am going to talk about a call I had earlier today and some of the advice shared.

Several points from this call:

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Join the growth wave industry/area

Why have I not been writing. Two reasons, laziness and lack of focus (or goals). 1) Just being lazy this past week in not wanting to write. This can be overcome with more discipline and establishing the habit. To establish a habit of writing again, I need to have a set time everyday.

This plays into my second point of lacking focus. If I set aside time, at the same time, every day then it would be much easier to continue to write. It is about starting a routine. Secondly, having the focus/goals to know why you are writing. For me it is to improve it and have reflection within myself. Writing is extremely important for both professional and personal development.

Thanks for reading!

Do things that are hard for you to do. Not things that are a detriment to you, but things that benefit you that you do not want to do. This builds discipline to do other tasks.

Discipline is a muscle that can be built up, and by doing small things that can push that muscle will help you to push discipline further. For example, you could take a cold shower, or wake up at 5 am and workout, or don’t look at facebook for an hour…etc. Small acts like this will help to work the “discipline” muscle.

This will not necessarily make it easier to do tasks, but I think it will improve consistency.

Thanks for reading!

Today I was challenged to think much bigger than I currently am. Why limit yourself to a potential cap. You want the best outcome to be the sky and the worst to be something still positive. Why would you cap your greatest outcome…?

Thanks for reading!

When you look at other people with jealousy for the skills they have, you are really just looking at their experiences. Sure, people may have more talent than you initially, but when you look at someone that is killing it at computer science, tennis, math… etc. it is because of their experiences. They have spent a countless number of hours to get to where they are at.

You can not fairly be jealous of their skills. If you want to be at their position work for it. You know that it takes work. And you are just simply behind them…

Eating healthy and exercising is the basis to living a good life. Having great health is essential to enjoying and getting the most out of life. Without good health you aren’t up to the full standard. You can’t function or compete at the top level.

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This is why it is important to eat healthy. Have a good and clean “diet.” It doesn’t need to be called a diet, but you should eat healthy to properly fuel your body. Most of it comes down to things you have heard of before, eat your fruits and vegetables. …

I haven’t made a post in a couple of days, but I still have accomplished my goal in regards to improving my writing. I wrote for my writing class and for my Code Jam project the past couple of days. So, even though I was not publicly posting I was working on improving my writing ability.

This is more important than constantly pushing on Medium. And a lot of the time the quality of posts I make on Medium are not the best. I am trying to work on improving that so I can get more practice.

I have a lot of topics that I want to write more about that will give me some good practice!

Thanks for reading!

My very rough draft of my paper about the Des Moines Farmer’s Market.

The sun hasn’t come up yet and farmers all across Iowa are rising to make the trek to the farmenr’s market. It is Saturday morning and Jordan is going about his day to get ready to go. Jordan goes through his normal routine of feeding the animals he owns, which includes chickens, a cat, a dog, and fish, their breakfast. He then loads the garlic and a few of his other crops into his pickup truck. Jordan and his team had spent all Friday afternoon preparing this…

My reflection on the day. Today I started an intern code jam for Principal Financial. I am working on creating a learning community for young adults to educate themselves on financial matters. This is pretty cool! I hope that Principal chooses to implement it, so that I can point to it and say, “I helped to make that.”

I am getting more familiar with coding front end in html and using css. I hope to apply this knowledge to help the BearCuts website as well as my own personal one. This is very useful knowledge!

Thanks for reading!

Ben Trunnel

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