Back to Writing: Call 4/4

I have decided to start writing a lot more regularly. I haven’t decided if this will be once a week or more frequently, but I think there is a lot of value behind thought dumping, researching topics in depth, and fleshing out ideas.

For this, I wanted to get back into writing and will define more of the value I want to get out of writing as I go along. For my first time back to writing, I am going to talk about a call I had earlier today and some of the advice shared.

Several points from this call:

Join the growth wave industry/area

If you hop on the growth wave — a space that is blowing up — many opportunities will come your way. It is just in the nature of being in an up and coming space. For example, right now a major growth space is the public cloud — think AWS and similar services. Creating a company or being involved in an area that takes advantage of this will lead to a lot of opportunities.

Learning when to say no

It is important to learn what to say no to and learn how to say no. This is to keep businesses/you focused on the most important tasks. Be very clear on the vision and mission for yourself and say no to things that do not align with those.

People are the most important

At the end of the day it is all about people. Being able to network, connect, motivate, encourage, empathize, etc. with people is incredibly important. Moving up from your position is two fold. One is being in a strong position yourself so that your work is valuable, but it is very important to be able to motivate others on your team. In other words, on a team are you someone that is a bar raiser — able to push others — causing their performance to improve.

To be good with people it is important to always listen. Seek to understand and not to judge. First impressions are made quickly — it is important that you aren’t one to leap to conclusions about people — but it is also important to make a positive, strong first impression. Improving general communication skills lends a lot to this. Be comfortable articulating your point in front of people (big and small crowds) and tell stories/narratives well.

Happiness vs. Success?

A few points on being happy and on achieving what you define as “success.”

One, it is important to stay true to yourself throughout your journey. If you fake your way into spots you ultimately won’t be happy there because it does not align with your true character. So, staying true to yourself and doing what you are “passionate”/excited/happy to be doing is important.

Secondly, believe that everything is going to work out well for you. Having faith about what is going to happen is very important. It leads to less anxiety, more confidence, and happiness.

Last point and question to think about: the tradeoff of taking a shit job now for a better position later, and does that happiness later with a better job offset the shittiness that you experience at the initial job?

There is a lot of advice in here that is incredibly valuable. One, it is important to identify areas that are experiencing massive growth and hop on those. Two, people are the most important asset. And lastly, happiness and “success” is interesting and how do you work towards both.

Thanks for reading!