Do something fun

At a party on Saturday night, two of my roommates and I decided that we would perform a song on our band instruments. This was a lot of fun and not something any of us typically do. We ended up playing Adele’s Hello and Sorry by Justin Bieber (only because it was easy for both clarinet and flute… we hated every moment).

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map (digitization)

I made my map directly in the app.

Suggested Themes

PAWS — Therapy Animals: This is a fairly new topic that I know a lot of students take advantage of. There are probably a lot of things that can be improved.

Sleep deprivation: Almost everyone I know suffers from some form of sleep deprivation. Exploring this theme would be interesting since it could directly affect a large population.

Marathons: Recently I’ve heard of a lot of casual runners who commit to racing a full marathon. With so many new runners, there is probably a high demand for products to deal with soreness, hydration, fueling, chafing, etc.

10 Silly Ideas

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