When I first heard of Binance in January, I was glad to find that they weren’t as impacted as the other exchanges, like Bitfinex. Around that time, I had just gotten interested investing in crypto and I wanted to register an account for myself and see where it’d take me…

Personal Inquiry Entry #2: Christianity

There are different denominations of Christianity.
How they are formed is something of interest to me...
Basically, a group of people agree on an interpretation of the Bible to be true and decide to follow that interpretation and use it as a moral compass. …

Personal Inquiry Entry #1: Truth

Objective reality exists separately from our minds.

Should truth be synonymous with objective reality?

Although it can be said that opinions that are held can be true, what about the opinions themselves?
Would they be lies?
Does that mean opinions are a perversion of one’s environment?

A rock is a rock no…


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