Part 2— Distance

Love enters. Hello.

It sits down. It is quiet.

But restless. Doesn’t shout.

Doesn’t claim, no battles.

To be played. I smile.

Steps towards me.

I hesitate. But stay put.

Then move forward.

Love holds back.

It questions.

I move forward again.

It gives in.

A slow dance begins.

Dimensions surround us

We conquer space

But time we cannot catch

We hope that relatively

This can last forever.

But time flies. Now,

Distance has creeped in

Space must be measured

We are seven seas away.

But if we can play with time

We can slay the distance

So we stay up. Every night.

Inching closer and closer.

Tears. Sighs. Laughter.

Can it pass through screens?

Or is love screened?

Does envy find a way in

when transmitting love long distance?

Does love deplete?

We recharge on lands foreign.

Where we can pretend

That the world is us.

So space evaporates.

And time stands still.

We depart. Again.

But meet. Again.

Distance no longer

plays any part.

This is our forever.

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