Building Microservices: its reference list

Building Microservices by Sam Newman is a good book. It gives a high level view of many of the current best practices in web and system development.

If you already know them, it is useful to ratify your points of view but will not provide you of anything new.

But if you do not know them, the book is golden at showing you where to start your journey and the main challenges ahead.

Anyways, one of the defects of the book is that it does not have a references (or glossary) section, so as I was reading it, I’ve been listing the books and sites he mentions.

Without further ado, this is the list of references of the book Building Microservices (ordered as they appear in the book):

Book: Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans

Hexagonal architecture

Single Responsibility Principle

The 12 Factors

Open source JVM microcontainers: Dropwizard:, Karyon:

Circuit breaker, Hystrix for Java, Polly for .NET, circuit_breaker for Ruby

Dropwizards’s metrics

Fallacies of distributed computing

Fallacies of distributed computed (wiki)

Tolerant reader

Postel’s Kaw

Semantic versioning

Strangler Application Pattern

Book: Working efficiently with legacy code by Michael Feathers

Database visualizations:

Book: Refactoring Databases by Scott J. Ambler and Pramod J. Sadalage

Aegisthus project

Book: Agile Testing by Janet Gregory

Book: Succeeding with Agile by Mike Cohn

Book: Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce

Stubs, mocks, test doubles

Eradicating Non-Determinism in Tests

Enterprise integration using REST


Monitoring tools: Kibana, Logstash, Zipkin, Riemann, Suro

Book: Information Dashboard Design: Displaying Data for At-a-Glance Monitoring by Stephen Few

Book: Lightweight systems for realtime monitoring by Sam Newman

JSON web tokens

Salted password hashing

Paper: How Do committees Invent , Datamation magazine

Book: Exploring the Duality Between Product and Organizational Architectures by Alan MacCormack, John Rushnak and Carliss Baldwin

Microsoft organizational structure study

Book: Antifragile by Nassim Taleb

Antifragile organization

Disaster Recoverty Test exercises

Monkey army Netflix tools

Book: Release It! By Michael Nygard

Book: Rest in practice

HTTP 1.1 spec

Service discovery services: Zookeeper, Consul, Eureka

Humane registry:

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