Engaging dads, changing the world

When the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services wanted to document how family support programs can successfully engage fathers, they looked to the Children’s Trust.

As part of a national film series identifying best practices, the Children’s Bureau of the Administration for Children & Families selected our Fatherhood Initiative to lead the 11 minute documentary.

The result is an overview of how our programs have comprehensively integrated and elevated the importance of engaging dads in the work of strengthening families. Elements of our Healthy Families, Fathers and Family Network, and community based dads groups are all featured in the inspiring result, amply named, “Dads Rock.”

As Haji Shearer, Director of the Fatherhood Initiative at the Children’s Trust, says in the film, “When we help one dad get more connected with his family, we’re changing that whole community. So we need to recruit dads with the same passion that we recruit moms, because they’re super important to kids’ lives as well.”

We believe that engaging dads is an essential part of making sure that all children have safe and healthy childhoods, with the power to change lives and change the world. After watching this film, we hope you’ll agree.