TrustAmust Team participated in Waves Hackaton

Description of a user case at Waves Hackaton.

We’ve chosen an “Identity” track for hackaton, as it is close to one of our real users story at TrustAmust platform.

We’ve made an ‘E-mail identification and E-mail tokens transfer’ — Email Oracul in Waves Blockchain TestNet. You can verify your email and send tokens to an actual E-MAIL

We noticed that 3P8G99Hq1BGD21nR1iDxnzfRLCteW4Hz4dK is nearly impossible to remember and super easy to mistype. As a result — you can lose your tokens while sending them to a wrong address.

Realisation of user case.

In Waves blockchain there is an “alias” function, you can assign any string value to your blockchain address and use it for sending tokens. But there is no way you can identify user of a wallet with this address. It could be nearly anything from like “blabla123” and you don’t have to verify anything as it’s used only inside the blockchain and doesn’t connect to any external id.

Safe authotification of client’s Waves Wallet via Waves Keeper

We created a super easy react app that authenticates user with Waves Keeper and takes his Waves Blockchain address. Than user should verify his email via URL. Very common task for every web resource. After an email is verified, we send DATA Transaction to the oracles blockchain page. That leads to a record of an email -blockchain address connection.

In the User case, all of the data was transparent, but, in fact, it can be encrypted and the only way of decryption for any resource is the special public key.

Same form of identification applies to a mobile number or any credit card or a bank account.

We can use any of the existing form of verification and connect a blockchain address to any external source. All of the data is signed with a users key and data transaction system.

With a technology like this, simple things, such as sending tokens to a mobile number or an email, are possible even without a Waves wallet on the receivers side.

Sending tokens to email forms:

Sending form verfies adress bye email

Form checked that email had been binded to adress and you can send tokens without any loss.

Draft of the working scheme

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