3 Factors That Play A Crucial Role In The Success Of Your Car Wash Business

Starting a car wash business can be hard work, considering that you have to decide on so many things, right from the location of the car wash, the equipment that should be purchased, best car wash financing options available to you and so on. To make things easier for you, always keep the following in mind -

  • Location: The most important factor that will play a huge role in the success of your business is the location of the car wash. You should ideally select a location with many residential homes and business complexes, where the plot is right by the road side and with only a few car wash facilities as competition. If you come across a site that can be your car wash base, just visit it and drive around the locality to understand the traffic in the area. Also look into the traffic count details released by the government. It will show the traffic on a specific road and can be a great tool for you to estimate the potential number of customers who will visit your car wash. You can check out other car wash businesses in the location and carefully research as to how many vehicles visit them each day. Once you have the basic info, you can hire any professional consultant to prepare a marketing plan for your business. As a general rule of thumb, the more population is concentrated in your proposed car wash location, the better the location is for your business.
  • Research Competitors: You should prepare a detailed report on the various competitors in your area. You can either do this by yourself or can hire a professional research consultant to do this for you. The results of the research will enable you to create the blueprint of your marketing and promotional campaigns. With a detailed research of your competitors, you won’t clearly understand how to advertise yourself. For example, suppose in your research it comes out that customers wait for an average of 14 minutes for their car to be washed at the local car wash facilities, you may think of opening a small cafeteria in your car wash facility so that the customers can take a quick coffee break when they visit your car wash. And when the customers see that you have a cafeteria by your car wash, they may think of checking it out and visit you. You couldn’t have come up with the plan without properly researching your competitors.
  • Attractive Design: Try to spice things up a bit by creating an architecture that easily gets the attention of the people. This factor alone can easily attract lots of customers to your car wash from day one. It is natural for people to check out things they consider attractive. So, sit down with the architectural consultant who is building the car wash for you and ask him to take some risks to come up with a radical, attractive design.

The full cost of securing car wash equipment can easily come up to $500,000, and you need to decide what type of financing you will use for this. For acquiring land and constructing the car wash, you can avail a loan from any bank. But for acquiring car wash equipment, it may be a better idea for you to lease them instead of using a loan.

This is because a lease offers you a better advantage when compared to loans. With a lease, you are free to change your equipment for the latest ones. And for this, the only thing you need to do is to end the contract on your current equipment and take a new lease on the equipment you want. With a loan, you will be tied to using the equipment you have purchased and won’t be able to easily replace it with newer, better equipment.

Using latest equipment and technologies will put you in a position to do a better job at washing cars than the rest of the competitors. And in the car wash business, the better you serve the customers, the more they will flock to you. So, check out the best car wash financing options you can avail and compare the different lease offers to pick the one that is suitable for you.