OST KIT Alpha III: Embedded Wallet-Lite Challenge — Update #1

Hello! This is update #1 for Trustchainreviews, an OST KIT Alpha III POC. Trustchainreviews is a decentralized Reviews platform. Brands and Companies post their products and get honest reviews. Users go there to get the genuine reviews which are unbiased and untampered. We think OST can help us build a blockchain-powered trustless solution with easy and convenient Token generation and economy

OST is developing the essential blockchain infrastructure and toolkit for businesses to help them tokenize their economies. In past challenges, OST has given developers an opportunity to use OST KIT to create and manage a token economy for their app. For Alpha III, it’s all about the embedded wallet.

We have until August 10th to integrate our branded token into our app, run at least 1000 in-app events triggering token transfers, show user wallet features, and present active developer logs showing these in-app events. Everything will be documented and presented in a short video

Our three-person team is starting from scratch with Trustchainreviews.

We spent this week setting up our token economy, defining user actions, We also built the framework for the app.

We had issues with Registration and getting the OST kit access. But later it is being resolved.

We got our blueprint ready for implement. Lets get down to work for next week with integrating the app with OST kit.