Dear TXT holders,

It has been an amazing journey since TXT was officially launched in October 2018 (TXT Launch). We’ve achieved so much with the support of the TXT community in the past 30 months. Now TrustDice is a platform with thousands of games, as well as sports betting. It has so far distributed more than 3 Million USD to TXT holders around the world. We’re all in this together, making the TXT community larger and stronger.

TXT Roadmap 2021

After 3 years of development, TrustDice now supports 10 languages and more than 10 currencies. The development team is continually iterating the product…

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto on the market and with the highest price. Because of the enormous value of a single unit of Bitcoin, some users trade using fractions of this cryptocurrency.

With its price on the rise, users of this cryptocurrency have found it necessary to implement new terms to refer to smaller parts of a Bitcoin. Thus, this is how mBTC arises: “millibitcoin”, or one-thousandth of a Bitcoin — 0.001 Bitcoin — .

To open Bitcoin Converter BTC to mBTC, bits, satoshis, USD.

Bitcoin converter BTC to mbtc, bits, satoshis, USD
Bitcoin converter BTC to mbtc, bits, satoshis, USD

How To Calculate mBTC to BTC

You can use our Bitcoin calculator to convert:

  1. mBTC to BTC, Bits, Satoshis, EUR…

First of all, UniSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange site. It’s really convenient and easy to use. Generally, exchange fees are low. Let’s have a look at how to trade TXT:

In order to buy and sell TXT on UniSwap, you will have to connect to a wallet. We highly recommend Metamask crypto wallet, available on Android, iOS, or your browser. Chrome is highly advised when using a browser.

No matter how gloomy a year maybe, December brings with it the magic that only the holiday season can. As the first snows begin to fall and the aroma of freshly baked cookies wafts through the air, the Christmas spirit will eventually find a way to bring a smile to your face — no matter how much you may like the Grinch.

After the last guests leave on Christmas Eve and you’ve laid out the milk and cookies, there’s no need to wait for the next day to continue feeling the Christmas spirit — you can continue basking in Christmas…

The great majority of companies will allow you to test their products before buying them — and online casinos are no exception. Slot machines — which started out as a counter-top attraction in general stores and as inexpensive amusement for causal casino gamers in the early 1900s — are now some of the main attractions for casinos, whether online or in a physical location.

Since they are now one of the main attractions an online casino has, slot games often come with a few complimentary free spins. In the several spins on the house, until you decide whether you like…

Halloween is of the funniest time of the year. Time to pick pumpkins and wait for kids to yell out trick or treat. You also make a nice cup of hot chocolate and sit down to play some online casino games that get you in the mood for the spookiest time of the year.

Halloween slots — games that are provably fair and whose themes match the spooky wailing you could swear you just heard from the forest — are available at TrustDice crypto casino, with great odds and special bonuses — no tricks, all treats!

Samhain Says Roll!


Play Bitcoin minesweeper and have endless hours of fun. More importantly, play to win big by choosing your own game board size to receive a bigger end of game bonuses!

Whether you love classic minesweeper or are a sucker for sleek gaming visuals, you will love all three of our TrustDice Bitcoin minesweeper games. That said, we must warn you. — All three of our games are like Pringles. Once you pop, you really won’t be able to stop playing!

The Best Free Bitcoin Minesweeper Game of 2020

Are TrustDice Bitcoin minesweeper games really free and really completely risk-free? As the old saying goes, nothing in life is…

On May 20th, 2020 the Bitcoin transaction fees have soared, reaching highs of $12.24. Incredibly high fee for a single bitcoin transaction. People who make transactions, but don’t have a deep understanding of bitcoin nature, have been confused and searched for reasons.

Let’s start with the basics

Bitcoin is mined by miners and any miner is a transaction handler. They bear the costs of bitcoin mining (energy costs, cooling costs, cost of equipment) and get a commission for every transaction in the bitcoin network. Miners have the choice of which transactions to process first. …

STICPAY is the Best eWallet — And is Fully Supported by TrustDice

If you work online, travel frequently, or love online gaming, you will know how difficult sending and receiving cash internationally can be. This is especially true when you throw cryptos like Bitcoin into the mix of currencies you deal with. Thankfully, the new eWallet service STICPAY can make life a lot easier.

Here, we’ll look at what STICPAY is, what the benefits of using STICPAY are, and how to use STICPAY for deposits and withdrawals here on TrustDice.

What is STICPAY?

If you work online or play regularly at popular online casinos like TrustDice, you won’t be a stranger to eWallet services. Skrill…

Trustdice provides players with a wide variety of different benefits that can dramatically increase winnings. Features such as the Trustdice forums or game chat allow players to swap tips and success strategies, while Trustdices innovative TXT staking options allow players to directly share in platform profits.
One of the most beneficial Trustdice features for new players, however, is the Trustdice faucet. The Trustdice faucet provides players with completely free cryptocurrency every day, which can be used to play a broad spectrum of different games and potentially win big.
How can you get the most out of the Trustdice faucet?

How the Trustdice Faucet Works


Trust Dice is a Bitcoin casino with over 2,000+ games. Casino bonuses + Provably fair:

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