As Trust Team we are excited to introduce Coinbox. It’s the another contribution for the evolution of EOS ecosystem, furthermore comes with tangible benefits for Crypto holders. 
Coinbox is a new Free Coin Giveaway platform that is launched by Trust Team aims to bring more users into EOS blockchain.
Why do we launch Coinbox ?
It is because we believe that creating incentive within EOS ecosystem can bring more people to EOS ecosystem through decreasing the entrance barriers as well as increasing people’s interaction with cryptocurrencies. Any crypto enthusiasts can just visit the page and easily claim the free tokens offered in the page. 
How Coinbox Works ?
Trust Team is still working on the features of Coinbox, we lists its basic features that will be informative for community members :

  • Coinbox is a faucet platform which offers Free Tokens.
  • It already includes EOS, TXT, TPT, MEET ONE, TRYBE.
  • Very soon BTC will be available in Coinbox for every user.
  • It is a page that provides stable passive income to the visitors.
  • Now, Coinbox is accessible on Token Pocket, EOSNOVA, Scatter, MEET ONE, Math wallets, soon it will be listed on EOSLynx.

We are excited to release Coinbox and we will keep our community members updated with all the developments in the platform.
Trust Team 
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