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Trust Dice
May 20 · 1 min read

Trust Dice is happy to announce partnership with pixEOS project. It’s going to increase transparency, trust and amount of use cases on EOS blockchain. We believe that cooperation between EOS projects generally give more chances to EOS blockchain to become huge and go to the mainstream.

It brings nice benefits to all users:
1) claim free pixEOS from Faucet.
2) wager pixEOS to increase the amount of pixEOS you have.

For those who don’t know pixEOS is one of the greatest(we dare to say) art gamification project on blockchain. It’s the place where users can spend their time having a lot of fun and playing different games. The project exists for half of year and already gained popularity among lots of people. Check this project and play pixEOS games!

Trust Dice:
Should we talk about our own project? Just a bit.
The one of the top gambling game on EOS blockchain now and TOP 5 BTC games in the near future. Fully transparent and provably fair. Come to have fun in Trust Dice game. We are waiting everyone!

To play the game: https://trustdice.win/?ref=u_medium
To follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/Trust_Dice
To join our telegram: https://t.me/trust_dice
To join our reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TrustDice/

Trust Dice

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Trust Dice is a Blockchain dice game based on Smart Contract, everything occurring inside the game is completely public. https://trustdice.win/