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Mar 30 · 2 min read

Since its launch on late October, Trust Dice has achieved great milestones on EOS blockchain. Its innovative token economics model has been the key factor behind all these milestones. Trust Dice has always kept the pace with the improvements in the Dapps market and furthermore introduced innovations that bring tangible benefits to crypto holders.

NOW, we are excited to announce the new BTC wagering contest with impressive benefits to our players. Our BTC wagering contest would start today and will continue for 5 days. Here are the rules of our contest:

  1. 100 percent BTC bonus for your first deposit . Players should deposit BTC on Trust Dice to join the contest. As soon as they deposit BTC on the game, they will be rewarded 100 percent BTC as bonus. As an example, if you deposit 0.05 BTC on the game, Trust Dice platform will give you 0.05 BTC as bonus.
  2. The bonus would be limited with 1 BTC. If players deposit more than 1 BTC in the game, still the maximum bonus that we will offer would be 1 BTC.
  3. The BTC bonus would be rewarded to you only for your first BTC deposit on the game. The other deposits following the first one would not be given any bonus.
  4. There is a 91x (ninety-one time) wagering requirement associated with this bonus. For example if you deposit 1 BTC on our game, your total wagering amount should be at least 91 BTC during the wagering contest. If you can fulfill this total wagering account, you would be eligible to withdraw the rewarded 1 BTC bonus from our platform.
  5. When you start playing the game, the deductions first would be from your bonus BTC and if it is consumed we will deduct from your deposited BTC.
  6. If player does not meet the wagering requirement(Described in 4) before the end of this promotion, the bonus and any pending winnings will expire and be removed from the account.
  7. Players may withdraw BTC only after meeting the wagering requirement or this promotion is over.
  8. Trust Dice reserves the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time without notice.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to earn more BTC and have fun on our platform. Just deposit your BTC and enjoy the game. We are looking forward to your participation.

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Trust Dice is a Blockchain dice game based on Smart Contract, everything occurring inside the game is completely public.