Trust Dice Unique Features

As Trust Dice Team, in this article we want to talk about some unique features of our platform. Since its launch, Trust Team has developed an innovative token economics model that will be beneficial to our community members while allowing them to have fun at our platform. Here are some unique features at Trust Dice:

  1. The First EOS Dice Game with Roll Under and Roll Over Functionality

You can make your game more fun via switching over “roll under” and “roll over”, which will provide more possibilities for your betting strategy.

2.The First Platform on EOS to Release Bet Verification
 As Trust Team, Trust among our community members is our top priority and we always care about transparency in our game. For that reason, we provide bet verifier that players can check and verify the results of each and every bet they had in our platform.

3.The First Dice Platform with Stable-Working EOS Faucet
 Trust Dice as a platform believes that Faucet is the best way to bring crypto to the mass world, and for that reason, we provide FREE EOS tokens to EOS account holders every day. The platform also provides various tokens in Faucet, e.g., you can claim TXT and stake it to have passive EOS income everyday.

4.Trust Dice is Always Ranked in Top for Its High Returns on Investment

When Trust Team was designing its payout system, the target was to come with a unique payout system that will keep the value of TXT stable and more importantly will be maximizing the benefit of the players. The calculations done by EOS Dividends already shows that Trust Dice is one of the EOS games that have the highest returns. We are glad to see that our players can maximize their earnings.

Here is another feedback from our player :

5.Last but not least, Trust Dice was never been hacked.

Yes, Trust Dice was never been hacked and the strong team behind of the platform has the ambition of providing a secure, trustable and stable platform.

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