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Mar 15, 2019 · 3 min read

Today, we’re super excited to introduce Trust Protocol to EOS community members. Trust Protocol is an EOS-based protocol to help Dapps scale. The mission of Trust Protocol is to bring more people to EOS ecosystem by supporting more EOS Dapps to scale.

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Our team has developed several crypto games on EOS, ETH and TRX. We would say that EOS is the best blockchain for Dapps so far: the transaction speed is fastest and the transaction fee is almost zero. That’s why hundreds of Dapps has been launched on EOS in the past 6 months. Yet, there’re still points that can be improved to make the EOS blockchain better for developers and Dapp players.

The Problems

  • EOS account system is not user friendly. We’ve seen many times that people are interested in learning more about EOS, but fail to continue as they don’t know how to register an EOS account. It’s easy for people to get a BTC/ETH address and start their crypto journey instantly. But in the EOS world, they have to pay money for getting an EOS account. What’s worse, they have to learn the concept of RAM/CPU/NET, as well as how to manage them in order to play Dapps. The entry barrier for EOS is way too high.
  • Limited user base for single cryptocurrency. A big issue for Dapp developers now is that the user base for a single cryptocurrency is rather limited. From the chart below, we can see that EOS DAU(Daily Active User) is only around 90k, which is smaller than the user base of most mobile games. It’s challenging to do monetization in Dapps and cover their burn rate. If developers cannot get sustainable revenue from Dapps, they may give up the innovation discovery in EOS, which finally slows the growth of EOS ecosystem.
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Chart 1. Crypto DAU from Dapp.Review

The Solution: Trust Protocol

  • On-chain/Off-chain infrastructure. The core of Trust Protocol is an on-chain/off-chain hybrid infrastructure that can take advantage of the strengths of EOS blockchain, while improve its weakness. The key actions (generating random results, mining tokens, etc) in the Dapp will be recorded on blockchain, while other minor actions will be off-chain. This also help developers to save CPU cost.
  • Account system that is user friendly to both crypto and non-crypto users. People can login to Dapps with their own EOS account, or with Trust Account. Trust Account is easy to create within seconds and there’s no CPU/RAM/NET cost. What’s more, it is as secure as an EOS account. We believe this innovative account system will greatly reduce the entry barrier for EOS ecosystem and onboard more non-crypto users.
  • Support multiple cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ERC20 tokens, and others. Another great feature of Trust Protocol is that it enables Dapps to support multiple cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ERC20 tokens and more. By supporting more cryptocurrencies, Dapp developers will be able to acquire more users. Their user base may double, and their revenue may double. This will finally help them to scale their Dapps to a scope that can sustain their business.

With the help of Trust Protocol, we’ll launch TrustDice 2.0 soon in March. It will has the following features:

  • Claim free BTC/ETH/TRX in Faucet page
  • Play games without CPU/RAM/NET cost
  • Play games with BTC/ETH/TRX and more
  • Get dividends in BTC/ETH/TRX by staking TXT

Hope you’ll enjoy the new TrustDice 2.0.
We’re also going to open source Trust Protocol in the future, so that more Dapp developers can use it and grow the EOS ecosystem together.


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