Dubai based Crypto Fund buys into TrustedCars Flex

TrustedCars Flex has successfully closed another large investment deal. A Dubai based Crypto Fund has acquired 50,000,000 FLEX Tokens (incl. options). We are very happy to have been able to close such a large investment deal, as this fund’s involvement is a remarkable seal of approval.

Institutional Investors recognize TrustedCars Flex as a highly regarded ICO

All investment funds have the same end goal, to generate high returns for their investors. They buy into a selected circle of high quality companies, after which they promote the fund to institutional investors as a prime possibility to participate in a diversified portfolio.

Smart Money and Due Diligence

To be able to select the best ICOs for their portfolio, Funds conduct a lot of prior analysis and due diligence on all considered investments. They look among others at the team and their ability to execute the business plan, the growth ambitions, the industry, the tokenomics, the Blockchain use case and many more things. Based on this thorough due diligence prior to buying into TrustedCars FLEX, Funds can be considered as smart money.

Simon Toprak, CEO of TrustedCars Flex, stated: „It is an exciting deal for us. We are happy to have one of the most forward-thinking and committed funds representing TrustedCars. To be selected as one of the most promising ICO projects by a professional Crypto Fund is a great honor for us.“

About TrustedCars Flex

TrustedCars is an Award-Winning German Company that is changing Car Ownership forever by turning dealerships into innovative mobility providers while offering customers a commitment-free, all-inclusive and affordable way to own a vehicle without ownership responsibilities.

With TrustedCars paperless end-to-end solution customers can choose any car they want from the available inventory of participating car dealers, sign for it in the app and they are ready to go. They drive the car as long as they want and return it or swap for another car anytime. With no fixed costs or long-term contracts but for a low weekly payment including all expenses.

Car dealers have an additional source of income and access to a new generation of consumers. With TrustedCars Dealerships resolve both sides of the income statement issue: increase in revenue and reduction in holding costs. Instead of vehicles taking space they are on the road making money.

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