Bicycle Accident Claim Solicitors

Cyclists are usually the most vulnerable ones on the road because many of them lack a protective barrier. They are running the highest risk of getting injured from collisions and because of road problems such as potholes.

If you are a cyclist and has been injured because of a road accident without you being negligent or reckless, then it is time for you to make a claim.

What you should do

You will need to do many things when you are claiming over your road accident. You should also first assess the state of your injury. Is it grave, or could you bring yourself to the nearest clinic for your knees to be treated instead? This will save you from unnecessary trouble in determining the worth of your claim.

When you are in an accident, it is understandable that you might enter into a period of blacking out, but gain your state of mind right away. Many people would stop and help you, so this might not take long. Ask somebody to call an ambulance.

Also, make sure that you ask for your witnesses’ names and numbers so that they could testify with the accident. Always take note of the other vehicle’s plate number and model name too. If you could, you could or ask someone to take a picture of the accident, so that you could describe the accident apparently during the assessment process when going after your claim.

Politely ask a copy of the police report if you still can, or you can ask someone to keep a copy and then to go with you to the nearest hospital.

There are also things that you should not do:
• Don’t admit any liability.
• Do not hold immature arguments against the party.
• And also, please be taken to the nearest hospital, and don’t be too proud to admit you are fine and then drive away.

The compensations

There will be compensations that you will get, and these are personal injuries and bicycle injuries.

With personal injuries, this will include all injuries that could be seen. It is wise for you to go through medical examinations to determine if there are broken bones. You could also go through a psychiatric examination to determine if you are going through depression as a result of the accident.

When it comes to bicycle damage, the cost will be about the repairing. You can claim costs for the repair. If our bike has been severely damaged beyond repair, then it is legal to ask for a just compensation equal to the value of the vehicle. You will need to process the paperwork to determine the estimate of the bicycle from the shop where you bought it. Please be guided too that you could also determine the value of your items that are damaged during the accident, such as your cycling helmet or your phone.

Aside from physical and property damages that could be compensated, you could also claim with the loss of your earnings if you are advised by the physician to stay at home until you heal. Please provide documents to estimate your income lost.

You can also claim for additional travel cost for taking public transportation because your bike is damaged. It will not be an easy process, so it’s better to hire a personal injury solicitor to help you with this process.

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