There is no such thing as an accredited TEFL certification course.

Mia Williams
Mar 8 · 2 min read

If you have taken to the time to click on this article then there is a good chance that you are weighing up the options about which international TEFL/TESOL teaching English abroad course to take.

After you have waded through the hundreds of TEFL school providers and related (obvious) fake market industry, you might now be considering which accreditation to choose, to optimize your employment chances once you ‘graduate’.

What is TEFL accreditation and how do schools apply for it?

Firstly, there is NO international regulatory organization which accredits TEFL courses. Yes, that’s right.

If a school feels like accreditation will be useful for their marketing purposes then they simply need to Google ‘TEFL accreditation’ and then choose from one which ticks the right boxes for them; meaning in most cases the same one a competitor has listed.

The next step is to contact the ‘international accreditation’ provider to start the (often advertised) thorough and long accreditation process. This usually takes up to a couple of weeks in most cases, once a fee has been paid.

Yes, it’s all about money and very little to do with maintaining ‘high standards’ or whatever that is actually meant to mean.

I’m not having a go at TEFL schools who do have accreditation, but as a consumer, you should know that employers will rarely (if ever) ask if your TEFL school was accredited.

Good luck with your TEFL school search and if you would like help choosing your Online TEFL certification course, then feel free to check out our verified Online TEFL courses reviews:

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