Takeaways from ASU+GSV 2020 Summit

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The quality of one’s education determines the quality of his or her life. Although I didn’t understand it at the time, my parents knew exactly what they were doing by deciding to leave all our friends, family, and culture behind in South Korea to immigrate to California in 2004: to provide a more equitable education for me.

The American Dream is largely achieved via acceptance to the top 20–30 universities. There are some exceptions, as a ‘non-target school’ graduate could somehow grit their way to working for a highly desirable employer or found their own successful business. In South Korea, however, one without a degree from the top 3–4 universities virtually has zero chance at working for a highly desirable employer since they strictly do not recruit past these universities. And while entrepreneurship has become more popular in recent years, Asian countries still stigmatize pursuing entrepreneurship over the traditional corporate route. …

Choose a friend to discover brand new music with. We create an adventurous playlist curated to both of your tastes with machine learning.

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iTunes revolutionized music. Spotify did it again.

Spotify is a necessity in my life. Not only because I have instant access to 50 million songs and over 1 million podcasts (Patiently waiting for Rogan in September) — it’s also because of the built-in recommendation features that magically tell me what my newest favorite songs are before I’ve even listened to them. Spotify has studied my listening history for the past 7 years and played a massive role in drastically evolving my music tastes. My love for 90s underground neo-soul-boombap was not introduced to me by my Korean household nor from the Top-50-Charts-loving Irvine suburbs that I grew up in. It was from falling into Spotify’s recommendation algorithm rabbit holes time and time again for hours on end. …

using historical league rankings of regular season stats

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I, among millions of others, was absolutely devastated when COVID-19 suspended the NBA season back in March. As a die-hard Lakers fan, I was excited to see LeBron and co. finally take us to the promised land. But after having to suffer through the last 6 years of utter mediocracy without a single playoff performance and coming off mourning the death of the late great Kobe Bean Bryant (RIP), I thought,

Did it really have to be this season that a freak invisible virus comes out of nowhere when the Lakers finally have a shot at the title?

But on July 31st, basketball is back. …

and the number is rising during COVID-19 and in black communities…

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I am talking about the opioid crisis.

3 years ago during my freshman year at NYU, I wrote a similar piece on the opioid crisis but felt the need to spread word again as it continues to be stuck at the bottom of media and government agendas. Especially now that the opioid crisis has only escalated since 2017, been accelerated by COVID-19, and is specifically more concentrated and severe in predominantly black communities during a time of social upheaval, I urge the reader to stay conscious of an epidemic that continues to grow and reap havoc in our country as it is as crucial to public health, the economy, and our personal lives as any other headline in the news. …

Create passive income through consistent high dividends from a blue chip that is currently on sale

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At the time of this writing, Exxon Mobil (XOM) is trading at $49.10 since recovering from its bottoming at $30.11 when it was beat down by the combination of accelerating COVID-19 scares and negative oil prices in late March 2020. Despite the fantastic comebacks from both oil and the overall stock market so far (with no regards to the actual state of the economy), Exxon Mobil is still trading at prices that have not been seen since 2004. Therefore, as the world’s leading oil and gas company and distributor of high dividend yields of 7.36%, …


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