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Blockchain and its applications are being adopted by many firms in various sectors. The emerging technology’s peer-to-peer transactions remove any third party from the transaction process. Blockchain also offers decentralization, which erodes power from a single authority and distributes it among users. But there is one more radical feature which makes Blockchain tech stand out from others — ‘immutability’.

In this blog, we will be discussing what immutability is, and how it works as a blessing for Blockchain technology.

Immutability’s Importance

By definition, immutability means something which is unable to be changed or is unchanging overtime. But in the language of Blockchain, it means that any data that’s been written on the Blockchain database is immune to change and no one can change it, not even the system administrator themselves. …

Ever since products and services found their way to the internet, buying products or hiring individual service providers (ISPs) became easy and convenient. Today, almost everything is available online and can be bought from the convenience of your couch but trusting the information available can be difficult as well as risky.

False online ads are increasing day by day which causes customers to think twice before buying, and the same goes for hiring a person for a job from the internet. …

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Blockchain is the new technology that has been adopted by many companies around the globe. With its consensus protocol security and automated data processing, it will not be wrong to say that it will rival or even replace some of the current management technologies.

Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger which has a list of transactions that are verified by multiple members of the Blockchain network. This provides a sense of security, immutability, and data transparency among the members of the Blockchain.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology and it can be implemented in almost every sector of the industry. Now the question arises whether it is better than some other technologies like HRM, CRM, and ERP. …



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