Don’t get left in the dust by forgetting Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few short days away and it falls on a Sunday this year making deliveries harder than ever to plan. Use a sharing economy solution this year because with Nimber they don’t ever open or close. You can find a bringer to help anytime, after all they’re just like us.

Time is quickly running out and 53% of women say they would end their relationship if they didn’t get something for Valentines day. Don’t be left in the dust after V-Day. Here’s some more quick stats and tips on how to make this the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Did you know the average person spends over £50 on Valentine’s Day? Bad part is over 20% can go towards the delivery cost depending on where you order your gifts from. This time spend more on your sweetheart and less on the guy in the lorry wearing the jumpsuit who delivers when it fits the route schedule, which may not be Sunday at all. Make your deliveries more personal and work with another person, not a company.

The top Valentine’s Day gifts are cards (52.1%), candy (47.5%), and flowers (34.3%) with jewelry lagging behind at 17.3%. Roses are, by far, the most popular flower given with over 198 million grown specifically for the day.

So whether you buy something from the big chocolatier like Pierre Marconi or from the small family kitchen of Gina B. Sweets, plan your deliveries today before it leaves you single on Monday ❤

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