As you turn older or even when your loved ones turn older, you find it difficult to maintain a home and your lifestyle which become bit more challenging for you, at such moment you get into various thoughts about moving into Senior Living Communities can help or not.

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Living at home would always be your first choice, studies of elderly people has showed that most of the people would love to stay at their own home for as long as possible. …

Article 3 of Series 1

This article is the third in a Series of articles on Physical Activity with concentration on seniors (adults over the age of 50)

Did you know?

Physical activities undertaken or various forms of Exercise bring about benefits in the following four areas:

Endurance, Strength, Balance, Flexibility

No matter what your age, knowing and understanding the benefits of each physical activity will help maintain physical well-being. It is never more important than in your golden years.

Seniors tend to focus on one activity or type of exercise and do that on a daily or recurring basis thinking they’re doing enough. This is far from the truth. Doing physical activities and exercise that cater to all the four areas will give you more benefits. …

Article 4 of Series 1

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This article is the fourth in a Series of articles on Physical Activity with concentration on seniors(adults over the age of 50)

Ensuring safety goes a long way!

Age is no bar to undertake Physical activities or Exercise programs. To be active, a person does not necessarily need to be completely physically fit or be devoid of any ailments. People with long term conditions like arthritis, diabetes or heart disease can also be active.

However, with age, especially seniors, safety is the prime factor while undertaking any form of physical activity. Staying safe at all times, whether starting any or a new physical activity, getting back into physical activity after a long time or break or going to the next level of difficulty in physical activity goes a long way. …


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